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App-less algorithmic event solution for relationship building

Utilize technology to drive networking

We match,
You network.

Focus on building quality relationships with our recommendation system.

No more prospecting

Passive match

Don't waste your time looking out for a suitable conversation partner. We do it for you.

Instead of looking at superstars


Using graph technology, everyone receives a unique set of connections fitting their profile.

Event networking is ineffective!

Event apps suck

Making matchmaking experience frustrating. Ever scrolled through 15 pages of semi-blank profiles, trying to cold outreach everyone?

Only for extroverts?


Tap into the vast group of introverted attendees. Make everyone an active event participant.

Why you should care?

NPS, Data, Cash

Drive engagement and ticket price with state of the art networking experience. Get to know your audience like never before.

No need for another app!

Go Headless.

Our algorithm is not application-based. We can plug into your forms, database and use mail solutions for contact purposes.


Define your success

Dealmaking? Knowledge exchange? Looking for a cofounder, job, or an employee? Tune matches to achieve individual goals.

Capitalize on consistency


Provide the incremental value for those attending consecutive events. Increase their social graphs and make them manage their own contact databases.

know your attendees like never before

Database inquires

Be one click-away from understanding who is the active participant during your event. Find your champions and hidden gems.

Structured knowledge


Receive pre- and post-event reports on attendee's profile, behaviour, and created social graphs. Fine-tune your event upon such knowledge.

Adjust your


By knowing your audience's needs, pains, and profiles. Respond to unspoken questions and thoughts.

let your event shine with networking

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